The Saint Patron Feast

Capracotta recognizes in San Sebastian the martyr his protector.

 The Church remembers St. Sebastian on January 20, but Capracotta community could hardly pay tribute to its Patron Saint, both in a religious sense and with a public feast, in mid-winter, especially in the past when it lacked the resources and the equipment to face the winter difficulties.

The party was therefore “postponed” first on July 13 and then on the second Sunday in July, when, away from the harsh winter, Capracotta could be reasonably confident to be able to celebrate the feast of the patron.

The religious part was characterized, inter alia, by a procession through the streets of the village where the statue of San Sebastian was almost "escorted" by the other twelve statues of saints venerated in several churches in Capracotta.

This tradition, that at one point was lost, was revived and strengthened since 2001 when San Sebastian was again accompanied through the streets of Capracotta by S. Anthony, S. John the Baptist, the Blessed Virgin of Carmelo, Our Lady of Miracles, S. Vincent Ferreri and the Holy Martyrs.