English version of the website

Following several requests, we are finally able and glad to present an international version of our webite, capracotta.com, for ease of all those website visitors who are not too familiar with Italian.

When a website has to become multilingual, there are usually two possible options. The first is the classic one, with one or more translators who do the work themselves and put all their effort and professionalism in it. The second way, which can be defined as a shortcut, is to rely on an on-line automated translation service whose results, however, may often be comical.

We are convinced that translations are done "by concepts" and not "by words", given that every language has its own rules, idioms and nuances. Therefore a one-to-one correspondence between words can not exist, even among "sister" languages. For an accurate translation, "someone" would need to transfer the concept in the language of destination after understanding its meaning in the source language.

We have then decided to use such method, even if the road ahead may be uphill, and we warmly thank Gladys Evangelista who contributed to launch this initiative and volunteered as a translator with her thorough knowledge of English as well as of Italian.
If others who master both languages equally well would like to collaborate with us they will be surely welcomed. Similarly, the possibility of having website versions in other foreign languages than only English (currently the world and internet lingua franca) may be taken into consideration in the future.

The default website language is and will remain Italian. Clicking on one of the two small flags at the top of the page will allow you to pass from one language to another for each page of the site.
When choosing the English option, the English version will be shown if the page is available in the selected language, otherwise the corresponding page in Italian will appear. This choice seemed more sensible than showing a blank page.

Obviously, at the beginning the English component will be almost completely empty, as page content will be added progressively as the translations become available. Priority will be given to the pages of more general interest for international website visitors. Among these, we number the descendants of our emigrants, who, we believe, will be more motivated in this way to refresh or to establish stronger links with their roots.